Domaine de Garbelle is above all a story of men and passion… I settled here, with my father, in the commune of Garéoult, in the heart of Sainte-Baume Regional Nature Park in 1988.

Now running the business on my own, I work to grow it every day, in line with my values and convictions. After several years of integrated farming, I have gradually converted the vineyard to organic farming, with Ecocert certification. Here, no herbicides or synthetic products are used…

In 2018, I set myself a new challenge: to grow my vines organically using biodynamics. This implied restoring, revitalizing and intensifying the organic life in the environment of the vines, in order to optimize the expression of terroir in the grapes and therefore in the wine.

Two former plots of land have been restored and planted with century-old olive trees, enabling me to produce organic olive oil, while the bees in our hives, flourishing in a preserved natural environment, provide us with top-quality local honey.

Welcome to Domaine de Garbelle!

Jean-Charles GAMBINI

Did you know?

“Garbelle” means “sheaf of wheat”. On the domain of Garbelle, you will discover the remains of a stone calade that served as a threshing floor for the wheat.


The wines

Our wines are vinified as naturally as possible, without selected yeasts, in terracotta jars and in accordance with the lunar calendar.

The ROSÉS are made from a blend of three grape varieties: Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah.

  • Il fallait’rosé
  • Le rosé des copains

The WHITES are a blend of three grape varieties: Rolle, white Grenache and Clairette.

  • Le blanc des copains

The REDS are a blend of two grape varieties: Syrah and Grenache, to which we add a little Cinsault.

  • Le rouge des copains
  • Come Prima
  • Les barriques de Gabelle

Our wines can be purchased directly at the vineyard or in the best wine shops!


Olive Oil

EXTRA VIRGIN ORGANIC OLIVE OIL is made from several varieties of olive grown on the domain, including Aglandau, Pitcholine, Cayon and Bouteillan.

The olives are taken in small batches to a private mill located around fifteen kilometers from the domain. They are pressed immediately to guarantee excellent organoleptic quality.


Our Honey

Our hives migrate through the different seasons, so the ALL FLOWERS HONEY is harvested on the estate during the spring, and then our bees go off to gather pollen in the lavender fields of Haute Provence. This honey is harvested during the summer.

“To the north of Garéoult, visitors follow a municipal road. A small wood on one side, olive groves on the other. Then a beautiful dry stone wall.
And finally, the Domaine de Garbelle. It is here that Jean-Charles Gambini cultivates what is essential: the pleasure of the senses and respect for the land”.

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How to find us

The domain is located 3 km away from the village center of Garéoult.

83136 Garéoult
06 08 63 91 00